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VintagePrints is the trading name of E J Williams                 Images are protected by copywrite and are provided under licence by SSPL / NRM



Fine Art Print 14x11 inches     £10.00


Fine Art Print supplied in a quality glass clip frame    £15.00


Fine Art Print supplied in a tradition style frame      £25.00


Giclee Mounted Print 40x50cm Mounted in Traditional Frame     £40.00


Poster size 70x50cm      £25  (inc postage if ordered from our cataloque)


Poster size 100x70cm      £30  (inc postage if ordered from our cataloque)


Enamel Sign   £5.99


Mouse Mat      £8.00


Mug         £7.00


Greeting card       £2.50


Fridge Magnet      £3.00


Calendars          £8.99


Tea Towels        £9.00


Our stand prices are designed to be competitive with direct order internet prices when added together with post and packing charges whilst also being able to cover the additional costs of hiring a stand at the event.This means that our print prices are slightly higher on the stand, but still cheaper after adding on the cost of postage, whilst our framed prices are lower due to the high cost of sending these items by post. In fact our traditional framed prices are about £20 lower than any competitor, by post or on the stand. We are also the only supplier of these prints in high quality Nielson glass clip frames, which are used by many museums and galleries for their displays.


Come and see us in person at one of the events we attend and save on the postage and thereby pay a lot less. We have items on our stand which are not available via our website so it is worth coming down to see!


Let us know if you require a particular item if visiting our stand so that we can ensure we have it for you.

VintagePrints Stand Prices